When we say Total Home Remodeling, that's what we mean!



We remodel whole home projects, or one facet; including kitchens, bath, basements, bedrooms, living rooms or family rooms. Want to reconfigure rooms inside your home or turn an existing garage into part of your home? Need a facelift on the outside? We replace windows, doors, siding, and do utility upgrades. We can design your project from scratch, or work with existing designs.









Growing out of your home?

Do you need more space or just wish what you have could be arranged differently? Have a basement that could be finished or an attic that has potential for becoming a useable room? Do you have enough yard space for an addition to your home? Can it be done? What will it look like? How much will it cost?


We can help by providing answers to your questions!

We will be happy to set up an appointment in your home to show you how feasible it can be to turn your dreams and ideas (We have some great ideas, too!) into something you can actually see, not just imagine. Stroll through your new addition or see how it looks from your street with state of the art computer aided drafting utilizing 3-D modeling images. Investing in your home makes good sense dollar wise. Any improvement adds to the value of your home.


Seen a new fixture or gizmo in a magazine and would like one in your home? We keep abreast of the new innovative products being offered by manufacturers today by subscribing to all the trade related magazines available.


We can usually find a source for whatever product you can in-vision. Although sometimes we have to really dig around to find an unusual item a client has seen somewhere! Through our large client base and supplier network we can usually steer you to the good products and warn you about the questionable ones.





A client recently wanted something other than a traditional bathroom remodel. We designed and built a door-less shower "room" using glass block.