The Process

The first step in our building process is to begin with basic floor plans.

In this case it was church addition which they wanted a new kitchen, fellowship hall and handicap accessible bathrooms.

Once the footprint has been established, it's really fun to organize the space by dropping in images of furniture, doors, cabinets, etc to get a feel for the space. 

It allows you to visualize the space created with the furniture and fixtures inside and see it in 3D from any direction or angle.

With the glass house portion of the cad program, we can even look through the entire structure through floors and walls, from basement to 2nd or 5th story to see how things line up.

It helps prevent a lot of problems from occurring and everyone knows what the finished product will look like. All of the furniture and fixtures will fit while allowing the flow of people within the space.




We then create virtual 3D plans to really show you what the completed project will look like.

It really makes visualizing your project easy and helps bypass some of the problems associated with the construction process.

Now they have a fancy name for it, called BIM : building information modeling.

We've been using for years without having an acronym for it.

The level of detail goes down to the style and color of the, cabinets, furniture, walls, molding, light fixtures, electrical outlets, switches, textures and patterns of the flooring, lighting levels, or a host of other details.

All of these details are available in  3D views and elevations, in any direction or angle, generated by the computer.

Once the project is completed, we guarantee  that you will be 100% satisfied.

The computer modeling program lets us visualize the space in 3d to see how things fit together and how much space is really needed to accomplish the goals of the project.

Looking and manipulating a 3D model instead of trying to visualize from flat lines on paper blueprints allows you to be engaged in the creative process, and develop your idea or concepts to a higher level.

We generally bring the preliminary plans to your home and play around with the smaller detail on the kitchen table while everyone has some input.

All of the edits made become instantly available, for 3D viewing and can just as easily be deleted or moved around, to see how they impact  the look of the room or area.