Do you want a deck that needs little or no maintenance? Building materials are changing with new technology. Let us design and build your new deck using maintenance free materials. Existing decks with adequate framing can easily receive a face lift using the new material.

Lumber is becoming more expensive all the time. Manufacturers are creating new products that simulate the appearance of traditional wood decking and railing from recycled materials that need little or no maintenance.

Adding an addition to your home gives you more space and increases the value of your home. Don't want the mess and fuss for 'just one room'? A two story addition can be the answer for you.

When we design and build an addition for your home it will blend into your existing structure, both inside and out. A new addition can add some pizzazz to an otherwise plain house with some of our innovative design ideas.












Although we love the challenge and seeing the end result of adding to your existing home, we also build custom homes from scratch.






We specialize in designing and building decks that become not only a decorative asset to the exterior of your home, but make them user friendly; adding 'outdoor living' space to your home.