More Projects





Custom made pastor's chair.


Once we made the pulpit the pastor had to have a new chair as elegant as the pulpit to sit in!






Custom made church pulpit, stained glass with back lighting.






Custom made church pulpit; accessories include: flat panel monitor, CPU w/power point hook up to overhead projector, keyboard, sound equipment, refrigerator, lockable storage areas, and a phone connection.





Adding an addition to your home gives you more space and increases the value of your home. Don't want the mess and fuss for 'just one room'? A two story addition can be the answer for you.


This one was an art glass studio on the lower level with skylights, for natural light.





When we design and build an addition for your home it will blend into your existing structure, both inside and out. A new addition can add some pizzazz to an otherwise plain house with some of our innovative design ideas.





Although we love the challenge and seeing the end result of adding to your existing home, we also build custom homes from scratch.


We have the willingness and the skills to make changes on the fly, so your project comes out as you dreamed it.





We build barns, outbuildings and garages designed to fit your needs; horses, livestock, storage or vehicles.





Nice large home, but plain. A growing family needed another garage, so we designed this addition to ad more space above and a greenhouse garage Plain (Before)





Dressed up and lots more square footage (After)





A free standing Franklin type vent-less fireplace/stove brings comfort and ambiance to your living area. The owner thought the vent-less fireplace had an odor and wanted wanted something different in his "Man Cave" so we made use of some striking angles and simple tile.





Add natural light from the sun and afford a private place for star gazing with skylights.


Makes a starry evening bath an entirely different experience.





Custom woodwork and molding brings elegance to any room in your home.





Thinking about mood lighting? Instead of typical light fixtures, incorporate lighting behind the crown molding.





This was the front entry to the sanctuary of a church before we were asked to give it a new look.


It looked more like a commercial kitchen doorway. All it lacked was an "in" / "out" sign.





This what it looks like now with a little glass, mirrors and oak trim.





Make a statement by dressing up an entry way and foyer area.





This client wanted to open up his "Man Cave" to have a more open space look. So, we removed the stair wall and dressed up the area. An open staircase instead of a walled area lets upper and lower floors flow together.





"Florida" Room addition, with hot tub. Keep summer all year long!





Entertain at home, add your own basement bar.





Any addition/face lift to your home increases the value and adds more room to spread out.





Additions, siding and window replacements can make an older home look newer and increase the value substantially.